DXTBmp flip image

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DXTBmp flip image

Postby Delta Tango Nine Two » Fri Jul 14, 2023 2:34 pm

Hi....I don't know if this is the right place...but I have a question:

I use DXTBmp....practically for all my editing work...and along with it the PAINT.NET image editor (not to be confused with windows paint)
I currently have a problem that I have been "bearing" patiently for months and months (practically since I returned to the world of simulation that I have been enduring this problem)

This is the sequence I do to make an edition:
1- I open the texture file with DXTBmp
2-click the "send to editor" button (down arrow button) (automatically opens paint.NET)
3-I edit the image as I wish
4-press "save" in paint.net
5-then in DXTBpm... press "refresh after edit" (up arrow button) (the image is updated)

here comes the "problem":
6- ....in dxtbmp I have to go to the "image" section..and press "FLIP IMAGE" (puts the image upside down)
7-...and then again press "FLIP IMAGE" (the image is straight again)

ONLY LIKE THIS I CAN SAVE THE FILE WITH THE CHANGES MADE....that is, if I don't do the "flip" twice...even if the edition is done and the change is SEEN in dxtbmp...I won't be able to save the files changes.
(of course...when saving, I save as DDS file...and 888-8 32 bit format)

I'm sorry if this is "nonsense"....but while editing many, many, many files... I realized that doing that "double flip" takes more time (it's incredible...but it really does it.. if you edit 10 textures at the same time... and you have dxtbmp open 10 times at the same time... start calculating how many times you make unnecessary or repetitive clicks)

some help? <<q
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Re: DXTBmp flip image

Postby tito » Fri Jul 14, 2023 4:33 pm

Hello delta tango... I do like this:

1.- Distinguishing if I'm working with a texture prior to fsx, it's important since a texture for 2004 necessarily has to be rotated vertically to make it work in fsx... are we talking about fsx?

2.- If you work on a texture for fsx then DXT will load it already rotated, in this case send it to the editor, work the textures to your liking and click save, don't close paint.
3.- Update in DXT and save in the format that works for you.
4.- If it is a fs2004 texture, rotate vertically before sending to the editor, work it in paint and do the same as step 3.

Finally, save your work with paint in a folder again.

Tip: To make top quality textures, now I work with a vector program, I repeat all the canvases on the original template, I color the textures to my liking and finally I save as a bmp or png image (without alpha) and then I work it with DXT, if there is one need to be broken vertically and save in the format of my preference. I recommend giving it a try Inckscape is a good free vector tool.
Always work from a copy of the original textures folder, if something goes wrong you will keep the originals safe for new attempts. Good luck and I hope my suggestions work for you (:
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Re: DXTBmp flip image

Postby villagedefrance » Sun Jul 16, 2023 2:26 am

Well, as far as I know there is no quicker way of converting BMP images to DDS images.
A good organisation of your working texture folders is important and will save you time.

I also edit/paint BMPs in Paint.NET and then convert them to DDS DXT5 with DXTBmp, and this is my way of saving time:

1 - Create a Texture folder for each aircraft repaint.
2 - Create a folder for the corresponding Alpha layers (usually common for all your repaints).

Then, in the Texture folder, I put all my BMPs (Extended 32 bit 888-8).
Then I open them all in Paint.NET and start preparing each one for DDS by doing the following:
- Image > Rotate 180
- Image > Flip Horizontal
- Image > Resize (if needed - Optional)
Then I save each one as normal, in the same format I opened them, and with the same name.

Then Repeat all that for the Alpha textures (Rotate 180, Flip Horizontal, ..).

Then I Open DXTBmp, open each BMP Texture, apply the alpha, then save as DXT5 in the same folder, with the same name.
Note: both BMP and DDS files are now in the same folder, as they don't overwrite each other (even with the same name)!

After that everything is so much easier because you can see all your files, keep working on the BMPs, and update the DDS as required.

I hope this helps.
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