For the fantastik package man/Mr Chris Evans

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For the fantastik package man/Mr Chris Evans

Postby dcmair » Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:53 pm

Mr Chris. First off being in flight sim since FS98, and a Flight Sim fan for all these years, you are responsible for going to see what you come up with every day at Simviation. Now that said, you just posted a new MD-83 package, unfortunately with the CRJ panel. That really hurts. Sometime ago you loaded up MD-88DALNC. There is a virtual panel in that aircraft that is out of sight. But it does not work, as you have to fly the plane in the 2-d panel. UGH!!..Why can we not get that 3d panel to work. And if it can work in Prepar3dV3 V4, why can we not have that panel in this new MD-83 updated package? I don't know who's panel that is in that MD-88, but it is spot on, and the closest you can get to the cockpit of an MD-88. Yes I know all about the Maddog. Based upon what I see on a Utube MD-83 cockpit, that plane was easier to fly than the Maddog. However in my opinion the Maddog needs a co-pilot to fly that plane. Anyway thanx for all the effort you put out, for all us nerds out here. David in Austin, TX
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Re: For the fantastik package man/Mr Chris Evans

Postby cevans » Tue Aug 14, 2018 7:29 am

Hi Thank you and please remember I put together designs and make sure they all work ok in a way I would be happy with with a few edits here and there to improve things and most of all making sure it's an unpack and fly package as there are a lot of people out there who don't want to, or can't, go getting bits from here and there and editing to make things work.
The credit goes to the designers of the aircraft and interior models.
As for the MD88, it is a FS2004 model not FSX native and will not work in P3D4.
I do not think there is a great FSX native interior model that will work and look good in the MD80 series. I did try to use Alejandro Lucenda's MD83 internal model but it is restricted an cannot be used. For me it was the next best thing and I do agree with you. Always hoping …….
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