FS2004/FSX Santa Barbara Airlines SBA Airlines Boeing 767-3S

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FS2004/FSX Santa Barbara Airlines SBA Airlines Boeing 767-3S

Postby stephan » Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:10 pm

The download, FS2004/FSX Santa Barbara Airlines SBA Airlines Boeing 767-3S1ER, is a pretty nice aircraft.
I'm not too big on embedded lights and flexing wings. With flexing wings,you cant add nice lights to the wing tips and have them stay attached in flight.
BUT,the thing that took me by surprise about this ac was the fantastic sound files!
That baby is just about the best sounding ac I have ever heard in simming. Others may disagree,but for me,I love the sound of power.And this beauty has that and then some.
If you have a pretty nice PC to fly her,check her out ! Since I have a computer about 10 years or so old,I dont have all the high end performance many of you do.
AND...since I dont have the net hooked up to that computer,I dont fly on the net.
That being said,I modify my ac quite a bit since it shouldnt cause grief to the painters and designers as it will never be seen on the net.
This particular ac has huge BMPs for the textures.AND...they are (DXT) 32bit BMPs and use a lot of resources and beat my frame rates up a bit.So,I changed the BMP formats a bit so I could fly her with better frame rates.
All in all... a nice plane. But,for you designers...how about adding a mdl file in with your originals that excludes flex wings and embedded lights. Some of us love your acs',but would like to add on some of these payware lights (like Shockwave) to enhance your otherwise wonderful aircraft.
Thanks for having the patience and desire to create all the great aircraft that you generous folks offer us,MOST which are freebies.Cant sneeze at that!

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