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Aircraft & 3D Design FAQs

PostPosted: Fri Apr 02, 2004 8:21 am
by Fly2e
Listed below are links to common questions that have been asked here in the forums.
If it seems to be a hot topic or if it is requested, the link will be added to this thread. Thank You.

The following question comes up way to many times:
The Question: "How do I convert a mdl file to a format that GMax can read?" (Applies to FSDS,3Ds, and any other design software)
The answer: "You can't! The author won't be happy and you're not allowed to. Second, you just can't, period! You'd be better off emailing the developer for the source files, or even modeling the aircraft from scratch."

Aircraft & 3D Designs FAQs

1. Three New FS2004 SDKs Released Feb 20, 2004 ... 09;start=0

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3. FlightSim Design Programs ... 1044363380

4. Idiots Guide to GMAX ... 1044815215

5. Aircraft.cfg and Aircraft Editor ... 1052667193

6. XML? ... 1080896044

7. Gmax to FSDS explained. ... 1086835496

8. A handy trick for manipulating points. ... 1123258025
9. FS-X SDK Update Released 2006-12-07 ... 1165550269