Tim Conrad PC-6H FSX "pitch buck"

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Tim Conrad PC-6H FSX "pitch buck"

Postby wifesaysno » Tue Mar 03, 2015 8:28 am

Hola gents!

To show the extent of my nerdiness I frequently use FSX to run simulated flight tests (think as with real aircraft). One aircraft I have played with a lot is Tim Conrad's fabulous PC-6H (Air America) which overall is the typical payware+ quality we expect from mr Piglet.

As you bring this sucker back to an unloaded stall in clean configuration at the typical 1 kt/sec rate, just above stall there is a "pitch buck" with the nose popping up. In all flight configurations & weights including during turns this tendency appears.
NORMALLY the "Pitch Buck" tendency is associated with canard aircraft, it is the canard stalling dropping the nose until it starts flying again then the nose comes back up to stall drops and so on creating a 'bucking' sensation more associated with the Quickies than Vari's. I felt "pitch buck" visualizes the tendency far better than "-dM/dalpha" or say something like "+ divergent longitudinal moment"

At any rate does anyone have more info on the comparing the stall characteristics on Conrad's PC-6 to the real big bird?

I have tried to figure out how it could be but the only explanation I currently have for this "pitch buck" would be horiz tail stalling. However, the horiz is of a lower AR with stall fences and I have tried this at different trim angles as well...a possibility, but not one I would expect.

Thoughts folks?

Or has my supreme nerdiness scared you away???

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