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Posky 747SP / Special Performance

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:42 pm
by Jetranger
Got a Question ??

Before I begin, I'm fairley knowledgable about swapping cockpits between aircrafts ,,,,,,, FSX injecting to 2004.

I have FSX Gold / Acceleration

now on with De' Question ????

I have about 15 "POSKY 747SP (Special Performance) Jets that I'd like to put the FSX 747 VC (Virtual Cockpit) in.

I've tried every configuration imaginable even studied ALROTs way of doing it.

Even went so far as to get into the Model File and add X's, and decompile supposedly,,,

Still a NO GO !! :cry:

Ended up with NO Virtual Cockpit showing and usually , NO Aircraft Model showing either :x

I see lotta of the 737 models with swapped VC's,, and some 777's Posky models think I've got a Posky 767 with a VC even,

BUT NO Boeing 747SP Model is available out there anywhere with a Virtual Cockpit that "works" !! :shock:

as I've said I've tried everything the last few months and I can't get it to inject.

So is there anyone out there who has been able to do this and make it work ???

I'm only interested in the - Boeing "747SP" versions "Only" , SP stands for "Special Performance", they are the much Shorter Versions of the Boeing 747's.

Heres some links to the "POSKY Boeing 747SP's".

POSKY 747SP's :


Re: Posky 747SP / Special Performance

PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 4:59 pm
by Jetranger
I tried this even and that didn't work either ???

how to tell a FSX model fro a 2004 Model

"To determine if a model was built with the FSX SDK, use a file viewer or hex editor to look at the file. Near the beginning of the file, you should see the characters "MDLXMDLH" if it's an FSX model. An FS2002/2004 model will show "MDL8MDLH"".

FSX MODEL : if a model was built with the FSX SDK : MDLXMDLH

2004 MODEL : 2004 model will show : MDL8MDLH

OK, so I even tried inserting an X where the 8 is and decompiling and still would work.

anybody out there got any ideas ??? :?: :drool: :shifty: :cry:

Story of the Boeing 747SP :


Re: Posky 747SP / Special Performance

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:51 am
by Azframer
Hey JetRanger did you try any of the other models from Posky archive? ... -packages/


Re: Posky 747SP / Special Performance

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:44 am
by Jetranger
I've got all kinds of 747 Models of Poskys,,,,

None of the VC's will adapt over to the SP versions tho, without getting into the actual Model file and re-doing it, which I don't know how to do and make it work properly !

I've already tried swapping other Posky 747 cockpits into the SP, and it was a no go !

Even getting into the Panel CFG File and adding the VC sections below the panel entries

Also tried using the FSX VC from the Default 747's and that didn't work either,,,,,,,

Re: Posky 747SP / Special Performance

PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 1:51 am
by pete
To add a FSX VC into an aircraft, the model has to be what's called 'FSX native'

You can see if the model is FSX native or not by opening up the '.mdl' file inside the Model folder. Open with notepad

On the 1st line you will see this for FSX native models


In FS2004 models you will see this


You can't just replace the 8 with X ... it has to be exported as FSX in the design program SDK - more here ... _%28FSX%29

Posky has made a lot of FSX native aircraft but hasn't made a FSX version of the B747SP - It could be converted if they gave permission but I wouldn't hold my breath .... :| There is a guy who uploads here who has converted quite a few FS2004 aircraft to great new FSX native versions. To do this you have to have the original source files from the designer.

Aircraft that are not FSX native but still have a VC are those where a VC was created in the 1st place and someone has updated or replaced the incompatible gauges to be FSX compatible.

I would also love to see a FSX version of their SP. I love the SP.

Hope that answers your question. :)