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Im noob

PostPosted: Sun Nov 23, 2014 5:32 pm
by EBB
Hello everyone, my name is Eloy, I read some time ago. I live in Spain

I would like to know how to interpret the software, different parts of the plane for the simulation of Flight Simulator X.

For example, after creating the plane in autocad, that process takes also create the control panel, sounds and other effects.

Always attach me, that in each plane within the software, there are folders for gauges, sounds etc etc.

But that is not programmed utilizais to create them, the gauges, you can grab other aircraft, but I can not interpret as they move in the simulation, I can not know without knowing how it works inside the program.

Is there a video about it?

This project I have thought for some time now, when I had everything needed to create the YF-12, NASA reported me much information about the company Loockhed Martin, the only thing I'm missing are the sounds, and make a series of Autodesk CFD modifications.

Not if the friction will be possible to simulate in the FSX to know 191,35 kN per unit, until it can reach mach ?.

But not knowing how to spend all that to the operating system.

Guess I'll have to look at me this link

But I would know that I recommend you. Web pages you visit?

Thanks and regards.

My goal is not to build aircraft, is to make a modification in the turbojet, remove the J58 and put the F135, with substantial power gain, and test simulating the plane if it can reach Mach 3.5. Simulating the CFD and redo the whole plane.

The YF-12 no is the YF-12C,this is practically the SR 71, but with much more weight, but not is A-12.

Video SR 71

I do not understand is that the SR-71 just lose 0.1Mach regarding the YF-12, which weighs about half as above.

Your site is speed, because when it stops, a lot of fuel drips from the inside.