Deleting Flight Plan History

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Deleting Flight Plan History

Postby Flying Trucker » Mon Nov 27, 2023 6:19 pm

HI All
Hope this is the right section to post this

FSX Acceleration
Windows 10

Never had a problem running Plan G 3 for several years
Tried to update to Plan G 4
Now neither Plan will work...won't stay connected and Time Out Errors

Had Geek Squad from Best Buy clean up computer as FSX was taking 2 minutes to load after I Uninstalled Plan G, Volanta from Orbx, Little NavMap and a few aircraft I never used

Thought this would speed FSX such luck...

In FSX Flight Planner I can still see Flight Plans I had they are not as dark a print as the new flight plan but they are all still there
Geek Squad called them History

Now there has to be a way to clean up these as there are probably 100s

Now I am not a computer genius as I hate these electronic gizmos but is there a way to clean up these old plans, flights and not lose my scenery and aircraft as I have a lot of Orbx payware and payware aircraft.

I can't believe this computer ran everything just great and now they are telling me my computer isn't powerful enough to run FSX after having deleted several programs.

Any Help would be most can even message me if you like

Cheers...Happy Landings...Doug
Flying Trucker
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