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Helicopter Help (Read 145 times)
Aug 4th, 2004 at 3:55pm

iggyebay0075   Offline
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Can someone give me some helicopter pointers????  I have a couple of questions about flying them.

1.Is there a way to hover straight up/to go straight up without moving forward

2.When landing, so far when I land a helicopter I glide in like a plane, how do you make it so you can perfectly line up with helipads and go straight down????

Thanks and any replies would be great.

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Reply #1 - Aug 4th, 2004 at 4:34pm

alrot   Offline
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I'll never, believe or not, sat in helicopter's chair besides I tried once and i cound't control it, I think helicopters are not the strong thing in this game,"is my opinion" anyway answers are coming my friend ˇwait! Wink Wink


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Reply #2 - Aug 4th, 2004 at 5:08pm

Sobby   Offline

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Here are some tips Wink

First make sure it is a perfect day no wind or anything that could knock you off course Smiley

I presume you have a joystick so-make sure the stick is upwirght and in the middle of the thing

Then apply throttle slowly, make sure no to bump the stick
and there you go Grin Grin

Landing is more of a challenge Cheesy

You can't go straight down, instead you must flare the helicopter-ie pull the nose up before touch down while lowering speed, it is difficult Wink

But to get the most of it try it with a bl Lips Sealed Lips Sealeddy heavy chopper, here a link to a good one--    


      Download the PaveHawk, it is great Grin Grin

      Really brings back the fun of flying choppers

and that advice for everyone, happy flying Grin Cheesy Grin Cheesy Grin
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Reply #3 - Aug 4th, 2004 at 7:53pm

MattNW   Offline

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The helos in ACOF take a little dedication to learn. Unlike the airplanes you'll need to spend a lot of time in a helo to get the hang of it. My advice is to try one of the virtual helicopter schools such as Hoversafe http://members.shaw.ca/hoversafe/FlyingSchool.htm or Hovercontrol http://www.hovercontrol.com/. Both will provide you with setup info for setting the sim and your controls to the optimum for flying the helos.

As for your questions. First make sure all your control sensitivities are set to "high" and with as little dead zone in the middle as you can get away with (preferably none but joysticks differ). You will also want to back the realism setting about one notch off the highest setting. Remember just one notch. Too far either way doesn't work well.

1. Just make sure you have the controls centered or if there's any wind that you have that countered. Now give just a little collective to lighten the bird and constantly keep making small adjustments. It's kind of like balancing a unicycle on top of a tennis ball and juggling eggs (and I'm not kidding it really is  Grin ). Just hover up for a few inches and try holding it there with no drift. For the time being I suggest that you just practice this much until you get it down perfect. If you start to get out of control you can ease up on the collective and set back down to regain control. Later you can keep increasing your height until you can hover up a hundred feet or so.

2. When you get good at #1 it will help you with this phase. Just hold the hover and ease down on the collective to lower. Remember though that when you get close enough to the ground you'll pick up the ground effect and tend to float. This is where you need to be extra careful not to drop too fast or start climbing again.


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