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Postby DAL555 » Wed Jan 04, 2017 2:15 pm

Can you all please please start making FS2004 aircraft etc the same quality as FSX P3D and FSX-SE. There are still people out there like me that still use FS2004. I do relize FSX and so on has better graphics and all but to me its just not fair that FSX gets all the good stuff if you will and FS2004 gets the left overs. Every time I see a new aircraft for FSX its got things such as realistic FMCs custom sound sets and so on. It makes me think that none of the developers seem interested in making FS2004 aircraft and so on every bit as nice or as good as FSX. I am sure that FS2004 users out there like me would really appreciate it if the devs would step up their game and start making fs2004 aircraft, scenery and so on just as good quality as they do for FSX and FSX-SE, and P3D ;)
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Re: FS2004

Postby zswobbie1 » Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:11 am

You MUST bear in mind that FS2004 is very different to FSX!!
If you want FSX quality/eye-candy etc, then buy FSX. You cannot expect/demand things of developers.
Have a look at Milton & team's planes. They are stunning in FS2004. There are a lot of other developers, both freeware & payware that have done amazing things with an older simulator.

Also, the FS2004 simmer market has become a lot smaller than FSX, FSX: SE & P3D!

You mentioned scenery! In FS2004, thanks to the late Garry Smith from http://www.ford-tri-motor.net/
We have ramps, circular runways & even sloping runways, as well as a vast collection of scenery, planes & textures, all free for FS2004.

To be very honest, I've been simming since the very early days, & have become bored with the usual point to point flying in (in my humble opinion, after a long time simming) basically the same Airbus's & Boeing's & similar planes. I have a separate install of Golden Wings & also an install of the Ford Project stuff. ALL of which cannot be found in FSX!!!!!!

So, yes, developers ARE actually still supporting FS2004, AND giving us amazing things that FSX cannot!!
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